Tile Cutting Curved Jaw Nipper (Deluxe)


A professional straight jaw tungsten carbide tipped tile nipper.


A professional curved jaw tungsten carbide tipped tile nipper with drop forged body, centre spring and PVC handle. Ideal for cutting ceramic tiles.

How to Use:

What you’ll need:-

  • Tile Cutting Nipper
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Tile Scriber
  • Rasp & File (Optional)
  1. Score a line onto the tile around the area to be cut using a Bright Ideas Tile Scriber.
  2. Holding the tile firmly, gently nibble away the unwanted part of the tile.
  3. For large cuts, nibble from the outer edge of the tile and gradually work towards the scored line.
  4. Rough edges may be smoothed down with a Bright Ideas Tile Edging Trimmers or Rasp and File.

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