Quarry Tile Cutting Nipper (Deluxe) 10″


A powerful straight jaw tungsten carbide tile nipper with a heavy duty forged body, centre spring and PVC handle.


Featuring a tungsten carbide curved jaw, drop forged body and a PVC
handle, the curved head of the tile nipper is specially designed for cutting awkward shapes into ceramic tiles.

  •  Tile Cutting Parrot Nipper
  •  Ceramic Tile
  •  Rasp & File (Optional)
  1. Carefully drill a hole into the tile using a Bright Ideas Tile Hole Cutter or a Bright Ideas Diamond Hole Saw Hole.
  2. Use the Bright Ideas Parrot Nipper to cut a hole edge to the required size needed.
  3.  If need be, used a Bright Ideas Rasp and File to smooth down the edge surrounding the hole.


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