Combination Cutter


A professional straight jaw tungsten carbide tipped tile nipper.


  • Features a tungsten carbide cutting blade with plastic breaking foot Rubber grip handle.
  • Ideal for scoring glass and ceramic tiles.

How to Use:

  1. Decide upon the desired shapes for tile pieces that are to be used in the project at hand, whether it be for mosaics, a brick effect etc, etc. Use a Bright Ideas China Pencil to draw the shapes onto the tiles if you require a guideline when scoring.
  2. Score the tile using the Bright Ideas Combination Cutter by rolling the scoring wheel over the guide line. It is recommended that you apply a constant downward pressure, when scoring the tile.Listen out for a scratching noise which will indicate enough pressure is being applied.
  3. Next position the braking foot over the score mark, ensuring that the cutters breaking foot is positioned central to the score mark
  4. Squeeze the handle of the tile cutter until the tile snaps. Keep in mind that the thinner the tile the easier it will snap.
  5. Repeat this process for the project design you’re following.

Additional information