Tec 810 Hot Melt Glue Gun


When to Use:

High quality, professional glue gun with durable shockproof casing and
heat resistant grip handle.

Use in conjunction with Hot Melt Glue Cartridges


Glue Gun

An image showing an end user applying a small blob of glue using the glue gun onto a piece of rounded wood. The glue can be used to bond together a wide variety of materials including wood, plastic, metal, fabrics etc.

How to Use:

What you’ll need:-

– Hot Melt Glue Gun
– Hot Melt Glue Cartridges
– Material / Workpiece (Wood, Metal, Plastic etc…)

1) Examine the glue gun and look for a metal rest. You will normally find it to the barrel of the gun and is shaped like a “W.” Ensure it folds out and locks into place.

2) The trigger should be located at the bottom of the barrel. It should be a solid piece of plastic shaped like a square. Just above the trigger is the barrel loader as this is where the glue stick connetcs to go the gun.

3) Check the electrical cord and make sure the prongs are secure and not bent. Also ensure the cord has no breaks in the outer lining and there are no frays at the base of the gun where the cord attaches.

4) Plug the glue gun into the electric outlet and allow the gun to heat up for at least 15 minutes, allowing it to reach a reasonable operating temperature. Once the gun is heated insert a glue stick to the point where it won’t go any further. Now pull the trigger until a small drop of hot glue forms on the tip of the gun.

5) Squeeze the trigger until a ball of glue forms on the material you’re working with. Carefully follow a line across the material, laying the glue in the process. When you need to stop release the trigger and quickly press the tip of the gun down onto the surface and pull it to the side. This will break the chain of the glue which prevents it from stringing out when you pull away. There may be a small string when you pull the gun away, but it should break off without causing to much of a problem.