Auto Feed Cordless Screw Driver


Highly ideal for plasterboard and drywall installations allowing the user to use the tool single handed. Comes with a blown moulded hard case, battery and battery charger.


The Autofeed Cordless Screwdriver makes the installation of drywall boards faster and easier for applications around the home and workplace. They work pretty much in a similar fashion to normal autofeed screw guns and offer a huge advantage of not having to carry screws around with you. They can be used single handed allowing your spare hand to easily hold drywall in place whilst drilling. Other benefits include no wires so there is no danger of wires entangling and also the autofeed cordless screwdriver can be attached or carried around in tool belts, giving you instant access when necessary.

Autofeed Cordless Screwdriver Close Up

The Autofeed Cordless Screwdriver as seen in the example above is being used with both hands for extra precision but can also be used single handedly. The above exmaple shows the screwgun nailing in the last of its drywall screws into the drywall before a new set will have to be loaded.