8mm Aluminium Worktop Trim


The 8mm aluminium worktop trim is designed to provide a neat finish to vertical and horizontal internal corners, holding the advantage of being able to cover the slight imperfections of cut tiles. (Length 2.5m)



It also accommodates slight movement and can be an aesthetic improvement to silicone. The finishes available mean that it will fit perfectly in kitchen and bathroom areas making it versatile and ideal for use as a worktop/countertop trim.

When to Use:

– A dual purpose trim, used where two surfaces meet at right angles such
as internal wall corners or worktop surfaces.

Colours Available:

– Bright Gold and Chrome .

Main Benefits:

>Tile Trims provide a decree of safety with their smooth surfaces, rather than the exposed rough surface of the tile
>Reduce risk in damaging the tiles when there is a change in direction
>Generally give the tiled area a professional looking finish


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Chrome, Bright Gold