0-5mm Tile Spacer Wedges Pack of 250


They allow for excellent finishing with total precision due to the
homogenity of their measurements and the abscence of rough edges
and small defects.


Tile Spacer Close Up Img

A clearer look of a tiler using spacers to evenly spread out and install, creating an even line throughout. A main beneift to using spacers is that they are reusable time and time again for different applications.

When to Use:

Ideal for use on wall and floor, the spacer wedge is used to space from the floor / worktop. They have a heigh scale from
0mm to 7mm. By putting these wedges together, extra height can be
gained when propping up tiles at the base of walls.


– Quick, easy & accurate alignment
– Creates a 0-5mm line throughout
– To be used with square ceramic
– Are reusuable after first initial use.