10mm PVC Worktop Trim/Internal Corner


A 10mm internal trim that can be used with ceramic tile, sheet or board, wood & carpet. (Length 2.5m)



It provides cover for the rough cut edge for horizontal or vertical angles. The worktop trim can also bridge a gap caused by movement of both the underlying surface and the vertical tile or board. A seal can also be formed by applying a small bead of silicone underneath and behind the front face of the profile, before fixing the tiles.

When to Use:

– A dual purpose trim, used where two surfaces meet at right angles such
as internal wall corners or worktop surfaces.

Colours Available:

– White, Light Peach & Black.


Main Benefits:

>Tile Trims provide a decree of safety with their smooth surfaces, rather than the exposed rough surface of the tile
>Reduce risk in damaging the tiles when there is a change in direction
>Generally give the tiled area a professional looking finish




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White, Beige, Black, Light Peach