10mm Formable Tile Trim


A formable ‘L’ shape, extruded aluminium profile designed to provide a
solution to the problem of protecting edges of the floor finishes in curved
areas. (Length 2,5m)


Formable Tile Trim

Formable Tile Trims, as shown in the image above can be molded to fit curved and rounded contours, enabling you to create complex and creative designs when laying floor tiles. Their tremendous flexibility allow them to be bent
without the fear of the trim snapping.

Installation Steps:

1) Ensure the thickness is equal to the thickness of the formable aluminium trim. In this case the size is 12mm.

2) Press the perforated anchoring leg of the formable trim and then align it.

Main Benefits:

>Tile Trims provide a decree of safety with their smooth surfaces, rather than the exposed rough surface of the tile
>Reduce risk in damaging the tiles when there is a change in direction
>Generally give the tiled area a professional looking finish