12mm Tile to Carpet ZigZag Edge


An aluminium Z bar transition profile, designed for safe transition between tiled to carpet surfaces. (Length 2.5m)


Tile to Carpet ZigZag

A closer look at a bright gold Tile to Carpet transition strip, creating a perfect transition between a tiled to carpet surface. Ideal for use in heavily trafficked areas such as shops, restaurants and concourses for decorative transitions between two different surfaces.

When to Use:

The Z section makes it easy to compress therefore providing an effective transition between different heights and types of floor finishes. Extremely useful in areas with lots of human trafficking such as shop floors, restaurants and concourses.

Available Colours:

– Bright Gold and Chrome.

Points & Areas of Use:

1.) Is an invisble fixing.

2.) Joins wood / laminate / tiles to carpet.

3.) Recommended for doorways.

4.) For any thickness of wood, laminate or tile flooring up to 12mm.

5.) Covers any level difference from 2mm to 12mm.

6.) Allows for wood expansions.

7.) Is a tough and durable aluminium tile trim.

Main Benefits:

>Tile Trims provide a decree of safety with their smooth surfaces, rather than the exposed rough surface of the tile
>Reduce risk in damaging the tiles when there is a change in direction
>Generally give the tiled area a professional looking finish

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Chrome, Bright Gold