20mm x7mm Aluminium Flat Listello


The flat aluminium listello can be used between tiles or as a finishing edge. (Length 2.5m)




Listellos, unlike general round and square edged tile trims sit in-between acting as a decorative border trim.


Length 2.5m

The 20x7mm profile, available in multiple finishes, can be used as a feature between or as a border on either side of a ceramic border. Additionally the profile can also be used vertically as well horizontally.

When to Use:

– Ideal for use when tiling to firmly cover up and protect edging and corners.

Colours Available:

– Satin Silver and Chrome.

Main Benefits:

>Tile Trims provide a decree of safety with their smooth surfaces, rather than the exposed rough surface
>Reduce risk in damaging when there is a change in direction
>Generally give the area a professional looking finish





Additional information


20 x 7mm


Chrome, Satin Silver


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