Tri Hole Tile Cutter 2mm to 73mm


A professional tile hole cutter, designed with two carbide cutting edges.


Important Notice:

>It is recommended when using the Tri Hole Cutter to firmly clamp the tile down on the surface 
>Strictly not for use on porcelain or marble tiles
>Always use a slow drill speed (400rpm), preferably with a hand drill
>To keep the drill tip and work-piece cool, it is recommended that water is to be used


When to Use:

Allows the user to cut hole sizes between 2-73mm in ceramic tiles.

How to Use:

1.) Allow adequate clearance beneath the tile.

2.) Always use a slow drilling speed. A hand drill is preferable or either a variable speed power drill.

3.) Keep the drill tip and workpiece cool using turpentine. Alternatively you can use either parrafin or water.