Grout Squeegee – Wooden Handle


A wooden handle grout squeegee, used for applying grout to smaller areas


A wooden handle grout squeegee, used for applying grout to smaller areas.

>More ideal for applying grout to smaller areas and surfaces

How to Use:

(This guide follows how to fully grout tiles)

What you’ll need:-

– Grout Squeegee
– Grout
– Tile Cleaning Sponge

1) Before beginning it is recommended that you find out if you have ceramic tile or not. If you have a differents tile such as slate, you will need to seal the tile before grouting so that the grout doesn’t recolour your tiles and ruin them.

2) Mix the grout using the Bright Ideas Round Plastic Bucket and a Bright Ideas Spiral Stirrer Economy, apply the grout with the grout squeegee. When applying the grout use a bowed shaped angle motion to spread the grout into the joints.

3) Remove any excess grout by wiping the squeegee clean on the edge of your Bright Ideas Round Plastic Bucket.

4) With a bucket of clean water use a Bright Ideas Tile Cleaning Sponge to wipe and clean away any excess grout from the tiles ensuring you don’t remove any of the grout within the joints.

5) It is recommended that you change the bucket of water often and use each side of the sponge only once before rinsing again.

Grout Squeegee Close Up Img 1 (1)A close up image of a tiler using a grout squeegee to spread grout in-between the tiles. The white rubber is non-marking and will not leave any deposits on the tiles.

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