MitreRite PVC Trim Cutter Spare Blades


Spare blades pack of 5 for MitreRite PVC Trim Cutter


Spare Blades for MitreRight PVC Trim Cutter Pack of 5

How to Use:

What you’ll need:-

  • MitreRite PVC Trim Cutter
  • PVC Tile Trim / PVC Profile
  • Extremely useful for mitring Bathseals.
  1. Place the PVC tile trim between the jaws of the Bright Ideas MitreRite PVC Trim Cutter.
  2. Select the required mitre angle (shown on the lower jaw of the Bright
  3. Ideas MitreRite PVC Trim Cutter).
  4.  Holding the PVC tile trim at the correct angle, cut the mitre.

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Pack of 5