Circular Tile Hole Cutter 20mm to 94mm


Cuts circles cleanly, quickly and accurately in ceramic tiles.


Circular Tile Hole Cutter

Always use a clamp and a strong, suiatble
base for drilling down into the material.
This will not only prevent the workpiece
from slipping but also helps avoid any
un-neccessary accidents.

Circular Tile Hole Cutter

A full image of a Bright Ideas Circular Tile Hole Cutter fitted to a hand drill. Recommended for easily cutting through ceramic tiles but not to be used in conjunction with both marble
and porcelain.

When to Use:

Features a hex shank, tungsten carbide blade and safety guard. Can holes between
sizes of 20-94mm. Recommended to be used with a variable drill speed.

How to Use:

What you’ll need:-

– Circular Tile Hole Cutter
– Hand Drill with Adjustable Power Settings
– Ceramic Tile

1.) Alllow adequate clearance beneath the tile.

2.) Always use a slow drill speed, roughly 400rpm. A hand drill is preferable or a drill with variable speed power settings.

3.) Keep the drill tip and workpiece cool using water.

4.) Strictly not for use with MARBLE or PORCELAIN tiles.