Aqua Tanking System Waterproofing Kit



The Aqua Tanking System is ideal for use in wet-zone areas
such as wetrooms, bathrooms and showers, by creating an inpenetratable
waterproof barrier for maximum protection. Suitable for use on all floors
and walls and is compatable with the following base substrates; Plaster,
Drywall, Timber, Plywood, Concrete, Brickwork, Cement Boards, Wedi
Boards etc…

Aqua Tanking System Includes:

– 1 x Bright Ideas 1ltr Primer SBR
– 1 x 7.5m Waterproof Matting Membrane
– 1 x Fleeced Thermoplastic Elastomer Internal Corner
– 1 x 10m Fleeced Thermoplastic Elastomer Waterproof Tape
– 1 x Fleeced Thermoplastic Elastomer Waste Pipe Collar
– 2 x 15mm Fleeced Thermoplastic Elastomer Pre-formed Collar



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Weight 20 kg